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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Computer Guy

BGLC DISCOUNT - The Computer Guy
San Felipe, BC Mexico
BGLC MEMBER DISCOUNT: 25% off the first hour of labor

Larry Williams is an Electrical Engineer, and has been in the Computer and Telecommunications industry for over 30 years. He got his start in what was then called the hobby computer industry in the 70’s. For five years he designed home computers and accessories for those early computer hobbyists. In 1980 he joined
the first company to bring an “Internet” type service to commercial companies. In the next twenty- five years he moved up the ranks within the Telecommunications industry assuming more personal responsibility along with being allowed to design more and more sophisticated equipment. Larry never lost his roots in the beginning of what now is called the personal computer. His life work kept him up to date in the technology but his passion was always the personal computer. Larry is now down here full time in San Felipe and is offering his knowledge and experience to repair, install or upgrade your personal computer or network.

Contact The Computer Guy - 686-688-0414 or 686-134-6183

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