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San Felipe Moving & Storage

San Felipe Moving & Storage
686-688-0179  - Km 181 Carr. Fed #5 San Felipe, B.C
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San Felipe Moving & Storage
For a Trouble-Free, Door-to-Door Move

San Felipe Moving & Storage are experienced professionals in moving families from anywhere in the U.S. to anywhere in Mexico. Yes. ANYWHERE!

There is a very specific process for transporting personal property into Mexico. Their job is to ensure that the process is not compromised, giving you the full
legal right to have your household possessions in the country. They handle the trucking and the importing process for you for a trouble-free, door-to-door move. Their team recognizes the need for a streamlined service for moving to Mexico from the U.S. and has spent a year learning all the ins and outs of the system.

San Felipe Moving & Storage manages the entire process, start to finish, so you can relax. They load your belongings onto a truck and bring it all the way to your Mexican destination WITHOUT changing trucks at the border. Your belongings are in good hands with them, legally and properly crossing the border.

Save yourself from the aggravation of having your personal property seized by the Mexican government for lack or proper documents. Let them do all the legwork for you. Having them work this process to the letter, you have a one-time exemption from having to pay import duty (tax) on your possessions.

Mexico is a wonderful place to live, work and play, and they want your experience of moving here to be a good way to start living the good life.

As their name indicates, they have a storage facility in San Felipe as well. Be sure to mention this ad for $100 discount on moving services or one month free rental at their storage facility. For more information, visit

Km 181 Carr. Fed #5
Mexicali – San Felipe, B.C. 21850

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